If you are planning to study in the Aalto Executive MBA program, why not use Global Leader as a springboard?

Global Leader is a compact and flexible program that can help you strengthen your strategic skills to manage interlinked functions in a multinational environment and learn more about different areas of business that impact your career potential. The program has six modules: four mandatory core modules and two elective modules which participants are able to choose from a selection of electives according to personal preference. Each module is worth 4.5 ECTS study credits. Core modules can also be taken as stand-alone modules.

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Why participate in Global Leader if you are aiming for an EMBA?

As Global Leader has a similar program structure, participant profile and studying format as in the Aalto Executive MBA program, it is often utilized as a springboard to the Aalto EMBA studies. Studying in Global Leader offers many benefits not only for those who just wish to study in a compact and efficient general management program, but also for those who are planning to pursue future studies in the Aalto Executive MBA program:

  • Up to 18 ECTS study credits earned in the Global Leader program can be transferred to the Aalto EMBA degree, making it possible to complete 20% of the Aalto EMBA studies prior to program begin. The study credits remain transferable for four years.
  • Five percent of the Aalto EMBA tuition fee will be deducted for each completed Global Leader module.
  • If one continues their studies in the Aalto EMBA in the next possible intake after finishing the Global Leader program or any of its stand-alone modules, the compensation from the Aalto EMBA tuition fee is € 3,590 per completed Global Leader module (max. four modules / 18 ECTS). After that, the compensation is 5%-20% from the EMBA program tuition fee.
  • Participation in the Global Leader program or its stand-alone modules provides new Aalto EMBA participants with greater flexibility in the timing of their studies.
  • Studying in the Global Leader program gives participants a chance to practice their learning skills or brush up finance-related or other knowledge before starting in the faster-paced Aalto EMBA program.

Why not start now with one of the Global Leader modules:

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