Develop Your Skills and Strengthen Your Health and Social Services Foresight Capabilities

Sote-strategiasimulaatio is an exercise in strategic thinking that prepares you for the management of wellbeing services counties. It supports your professional development and increases your readiness for making practical decisions whose functionality you will be able to evaluate personally. This program allows you to simulate everyday decisions and their impact on the operations of your organization.

The simulation strengthens the foresight capabilities of decision-makers in health and social services organizations and wellbeing services counties by helping them reflect on situations where their focus is on impactful client work, the provision of effective services in an ever-changing society, and the consideration that must be given to the multiplier effects of their decisions. The program will help strengthen your strategic capabilities and ability to react to the reforms made to the health and social services provided in Finland.
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In the simulation, you will acquire new foresight capabilities that you can apply to your everyday work and within your own organization. You prepare for changes and learn to act both in competitive and collaborative scenarios. During the program, you will learn that a changing marketspace can become an avenue for new opportunities where future circumstances can be turned into cost-effective activities and collaborations.

Make decisions and see the impact they have on your operations
Gain insight into the reactions of your competitors and stakeholders and receive feedback on your activities from the simulation’s participants and facilitators
Broaden your view of the dynamics and opportunities affecting the health and social services industry through the lectures included in the simulation
Learn to make decisions under pressure, see the impact that multiplier effects can have in a safe environment, and be inspired by what you have experienced


The program is intended for decision-makers who operate in wellbeing services counties and in the regions of Helsinki and Uusimaa, as well as for health and social services leaders who work in the public sector.

The simulation is intended for those who want to experience the multiplier effects of the regional-level decisions they make and who wish to increase their foresight capabilities in the work they do. The simulation takes place in groups, which helps highlight the role that teamwork plays in any successful result.

Contents and Schedule

The two-day simulation focuses on a fictional county health and social services ecosystem. The participants in the simulation play the roles of various health and social services actors who operate in groups and make decisions that affect the realization of the county’s goals. You will receive a source material package, and the actual twists and turns of the simulation will be revealed to you during the simulation. The simulation’s facilitators control the flow of the simulation, and the course and outcomes of the simulation depend primarily on the results of the decisions made by the participants. Keynote speeches provide in-depth knowledge to support each participant’s decision-making.

The training methods are based on Aalto EE’s Strategy Game simulation method, which has been implemented in several tailored leadership trainings, for example.

Note that this program is held in Finnish.

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