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Strategic Foresight in Business Management

Tools for Creating Strategic and Competitive Advantage

The Strategic Foresight in Business Management program is a comprehensive introduction to the approaches and tools of strategic foresight. 

The program is based on scientific approaches to foresight and scenario work. During the program learning is complemented by facilitated group work around business cases and real-world examples. All the foresight tools are practiced one at a time and as a result, the participant will be equipped with skills to create a vision for an organization and implement a continuous foresight-based strategy process.

Under conditions of constantly growing volatility and ambiguity, competitive advantage goes to those who best deduce the forces acting on their industry, and who most capably adapt to profit from them

4.5 ECTS credits can be transferred from this program to the Aalto Executive MBA or Aalto MBA program.

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100% of the participants* recommend the program
The Strategic Foresight in Business Management program truly provides a new way of looking at strategy work and teaches practical tools.
*respondents of program feedback questionnaire 2019

Learn how to utilize the foresight tools in strategy work. Learn how to create scenarios and act based on them. 

After the program the participants will be skilled to create a vision for their organization and equipped with tools to build and implement a continuous foresight-based strategy process.


This program illustrates with real-world examples, group work and guest speakers, how to develop a foresight perspective to make better business decisions. By using foresight tools and scenario work an organizations strategy will become agile and a continuous process instead of a static document.

Gain new tools and methodologies for strategic foresight
Learn how to use scenario work and take actions based on it
Develop skills in using foresight approaches in decision-making
Improve competence to turn foresight into business initiatives
Learn an agile way of doing strategy work in organizations

By attending this program you will be able to:

  • Apply analytical frameworks to decisions when variables are uncertain and long range
  • Understand appropriate uses of business forecasting and planning, and current best practices
  • Learn critical analysis of the limits of the tools in interpreting the competitive environment
  • Apply theoretical and practical experience using methods of strategic foresight, including the ability to select among the toolkit options
  • Integrate the tools of strategic foresight into the rest of the business strategy, decision formation and leadership decision-making process
  • Turn strategic foresight perspectives into new initiatives, products, services, business and models
  • Critically assess the business forecasts of competing businesses, industry “gurus”, management consultants, or the media


The Strategic Foresight in Business Management program is designed for senior executives and managers responsible for strategic decision-making and direction-setting in their company, business or division.

It is also relevant for

  • Leaders who need approaches and tools that help them understand industry change and future operating conditions, and how to transfer these insights into creating winning strategies
  • Management consultants, or those with interest in strategic planning or business adaptation to market and technology change

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Contents and Schedule

The program incorporates interactive workshop-style lectures, group work, videos and guest speakers, blending analytical models with worked examples and real-world situations.

Based in theory, it is decidedly pragmatic in style and approach, selecting the best materials and solutions from both academic and business sources.



Antti-Jussi Tahvanainen

Dr. Antti-Jussi Tahvanainen is the Manager of Innovation Policy at Finnish Forest Industries Federations, VP Ecosystem Strategy at Corymbus Asset Management Ltd, and the founder of Oraklon.

Dr. Tahvanainen is an expert in assessing the competitiveness and investibility of emerging industries and analyzes the role of technology in economic renewal, and the capabilities of firms to capture value and determines the appropriate financial vehicles for their growth. He helps executives in generating co-creative foresight for their endeavors in user-driven innovation and business renewal.

At Stanford University, he has co-authored the Playbook for Strategic Foresight and Innovation, a set of practical ideation tools inspired by DARPA.

Dr. Tahvanainen wields a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management with a focus on International Strategy as well as an M.Sc. in Technology Management from Aalto University.

Eeva Vilkkumaa

Eeva Vilkkumaa is an Assistant Professor of Management Science in the Department of Information and Service Economy at Aalto University.

Professor Vilkkumaa is an expert in modeling uncertainties and developing mathematical models to support decision making and resource allocation at companies and public organizations.

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