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Strategic Sustainability

How do you integrate sustainability into a business strategy?

Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility impact your business; how is your company shaping the market? And why is sustainability a strategic goal for business?

Sustainable actions of a company start with engaged leaders who are aware of the resources needed. Sustainability is a competitive advantage socially, environmentally, and economically more now than ever before, and it is an important matter for senior executives and leaders in order to responsibly lead the company into the future while valuing company transparency and reputation. A sustainable innovation culture requires top management commitment and ambition to make a difference. Are you, as a leader, ready and prepared?

The Strategic Sustainability program focuses on strengthening the link between sustainability and business strategy within the business environment. Leaders need to take action and manage the value chain of their business, ensuring that sustainability and business strategy are mutually complementary.

The program is a comprehensive introduction to sustainability strategy development and implementation within the business. During the program, you will increase your understanding of key strategic themes for future success through sustainability. You will network with experienced leaders and experts via inspiring group discussions and reflections, lectures, and business presentations. 

“Every company needs a tailored strategic approach to sustainability, both to achieve best sustainability impacts and to achieve best business impacts.”
Dr. Leena Lankoski, Senior University Lecturer in Sustainability in Business, Aalto University School of Business

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World-class lectures and facilitated learning sessions designed to accelerate change in the organization

Bridging strategic thinking with sustainability to align business goals

Participants will engage in deep discussions and engaging exercises that open up new ways of thinking


The Strategic Sustainability program helps participants to gain a strategic and holistic view of sustainability from a strategic viewpoint. It also enlightens how to create value through sustainable strategies and strengthen the link between sustainability and strategy in the company. Participants will learn the impact of sustainability incorporated on a strategic level, and get tools for inspirational leadership towards the change.

Increase your understanding on key strategic themes for future success through sustainability
Rethink the value chain and build a clear vision for economic success and competitive advantage through sustainability
Drill down to potential new business models to adopt a greater innovation mindset and to drive transformation within the organization


The Strategic Sustainability program is designed for senior executives and managers responsible for strategic decisions, either directly or indirectly regarding the sustainable development strategy of the company, business or department.

The program is also beneficial for:

  • Executives who are and/or need to change the conversation in their companies, industries, and communities about the impact their companies are making on climate change
  • Senior Managers who are responsible for the corporate sustainability strategy and sustainable development
  • Executives who want to develop their expertise in sustainable development and prepare for the future.

Contents and Schedule

The program consists of a blended setup of online and face-to-face sessions. The program includes a kick-off webinar, an introductory online course to the field and four full-day training days including wrap-up and post-program food for thoughts.

During the program, you will work on a sustainability strategy workbook designed for this program, explicitly for your company. The workbook will follow you throughout the program and the goal is for you to have concrete action steps for your organization to apply.

The program combines practical knowledge and real cases with top names in the area from academia and the business world.

Program structure

Pre-program period

Kick-off webinar and online material to support program start

Four face-to-face training days

Intensive face-to-face sessions and inspirational networking with instructor and peers

Post-program period

Future steps to reach targets for further support


Program Fee and Registration

Program Start