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Strategic Talent Management

Towards Strategic Goals with the Right Talent

The core of Strategic Talent Management is understanding the context in which an organization is competing, and the starting point lies in the strategy and strategic capabilities of the organization. To create a competitive advantage, it is crucial to define the critical positions within an organization and then select the right talent to fill them.

The Strategic Talent Management program helps you to develop and implement systems for identifying, attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining talent in your organization.

You will understand the pivotal linkage between the overall strategy, strategic capabilities and Talent Management while getting new ideas and tools to design, build and execute talent strategies that drive business results.

This program addresses the following critical questions for any company seeking to define, identify and develop talent management within their organization:

  • How to design a strategic management system that fits to your company
  • What are the key issues in Strategic Talent Management and how to  implement it successfully
  • How to ensure that your talent management system is aligned with strategy and strategic capabilities
  • How to identify and develop talent to achieve your organization’s strategic goals

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Program Benefits

Gain new competences to design and develop a strategic talent management process for the organization
Ensure your talent management system is aligned with the strategy and strategic capabilities
Build success through investing in the competence development of your people
Learn about the key issues of a strategic talent management system and how to apply to your organization
Understand the link between context, strategy and talent management architecture
Network and learn with other executives and directors dealing with similar challenges


The Strategic Talent Management program is designed for HR and business leaders, eg. HR Director, Heads of Talent Management, HRD Director, CEO and Manager who are involved in attracting, recruiting and developing talent.

Previous participants include HR managers, HR directors, HR partners, HR advisors, HR consultants, team leaders, heads of business units, and those who are interested in talent management.

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Contents and Schedule

The Strategic Talent Management will be held in an intensive study period on February 14-16, 2018 (2.5 days).

In this program, participants will explore how best to align talent management to serve the future of their organization. The instructors will help participants to think about the key areas their companies should focus on in talent management, and the key questions they should be asking in designing talent strategies.



Riitta Lumme-Tuomala

Head of Growth, Director of Russia and Talent Management, Aalto University Executive Education

Dr. Riitta Lumme-Tuomala is Head of Growth and Director of Russia and Talent Managementat at Aalto University Executive Education. She defended her DBA-dissertation on Talent Management in June 2017.  Her key qualifications are in the areas of leadership, especially from the point of view of different generations at the same workplace, young potential development, talent management and individual diversity (MBTI Step I and Step II Certification in 2009). She is an experienced and frequent lecturer at Aalto EE programs on the above mentioned topics.

Her work experience is from Pfizer (HRD Manager 2001 – 2005), Mercuri Urval (2000 – 2001), the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (Regional Finance Officer, Africa 1995 – 1999).

At Aalto EE, she is responsible for Marketing and Alumni relations. She is also heading the Russian Business area cooperating with top Russian Business Schools and working with High Potential and Talent Management concepts.

David Collings

Professor of HRM, Dublin City University Business School

Dr. David Collings is Professor of HRM at Dublin City University Business School where he is co-Director of the Leadership and Talent Institute and Associate Dean for Research. He is currently based at Cornell University as a Visiting Fulbright Fellow. He previously held academic appointments at the University of Sheffield. King’s College London and NUI Galway.  

His research and consulting interests focus on talent management and global mobility.

His speaking and consulting engagements include organizations such as the Bank of Ireland, the Danish Confederation of Industry, EADS Airbus, Enterprise Ireland, GE, Intel, KPMG, Medtronic, Novartis and Stryker. From 2014 to 2017 he has been named as one of the most influential thinkers in the field of HR by HR Magazine and in 2015 he was awarded the President’s award for research by Dublin City University. He has published numerous papers in leading international outlets and eight books. The Oxford Handbook of Talent Management with Wayne Cascio and Kamel Mellahi published in late 2017.

Instructor's View

"An excellent way to really capture the value of talent management policies and processes is to allocate talent across the traditional organizational silos in order to expose them to novel tasks and roles. Few things teach high potential individuals more rapidly than stretch goals that are not unrealistic to reach, but require the individual to leave the infamous comfort zone." - Dr. Riitta Lumme-Tuomala

"There is little doubt that talent management has become a key concern for top management and HR leaders alike. However there is much evidence to suggest that organizations struggle to manage talent effectively, and in many instances talent issues represent a constraint on organization’s ability to deliver on their strategic agendas. In my experience the lack of an agreed talent management framework or even a shared understanding of what and whom talent management represents amongst key stakeholders represents a key challenge. Based on over a decade of research and consulting in this area my approach is to help organizations to think about the key areas they should focus on in talent management, and to help leaders think about the key questions they should be asking in designing talent strategies." - Dr. David Collings

Program Fee and Registration

Program Fee

The program fee for the next Strategic Talent Management program will be announced soon.

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