Tailored Leadership

Inspire with Purpose

The fourth revolution of work has begun. Leadership is still the key element in driving success – but leadership itself is also changing. The leadership of the future is purpose-driven and relies on inspiring and motivating people, not only within organizations but also in networks.

In this program, you will learn the key elements of future leadership:

  • Your leadership identity – Using the world’s leading personality assessment Hogan, you deep dive into yourself and create the self-awareness crucial for an authentic leader.
  • The future of work – Based on the latest research from Aalto University, you analyze the critical competencies needed for future success and the role of a leader.
  • Leading performance – You will learn to lead with purpose in a variety of contexts and networks.
  • Leading continuous change – You will approach change and challenges as a growth opportunity and learn to instill energy and a sense of purpose into your organization, even in difficult times.

To be a leader in a complex environment requires a strong sense of self and the ability to tailor your leadership in different contexts. Authenticity and self-awareness are the building blocks for this new approach to leadership. Inspiring people and leading growth begins with understanding what makes you tick. Are you ready to be inspired – and to inspire others?

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A new program designed for you to succeed as a leader in driving your organization's growth in various and complex contexts 

Experience our uniqueness – the profound research of Aalto's Future of Work and Arts – to lure your emotions and guarantee you a deep memory trace on your learning journey



Benefit from Hogan, the world's leading personality assessment, to steer your development, as well as from tools and frameworks that you can apply in your work



Watch Juha Äkräs talk about the ongoing change in leadership

Program Benefits

Using self-assessment, participants will develop a profound self-awareness that enables them to steer a path in the VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous), build successful and committed teams, and lead collaboration.

Self-awareness through self-assessment and reflection will enable you to develop the skills, critical thinking, and confidence needed to lead with purpose.
Art-based methods will stimulate your senses to give you awareness of your unused potential and perception of new ideas and perspectives. Art also entices your emotions – it guarantees your development as a fluent and purposeful leader.
Learn to influence and collaborate in a variety of networks and contexts, and inspire the confidence and creativity that already exists within people.
Participants will deepen their capacity and holistic view to make an impact and explore new business possibilities.


The program is ideal for open-minded, curious managers and leaders who want to equip themselves with the skills needed to succeed in leading people and networks in future types of work. The emphasis is on collaboration and identifying the best leadership approach in different contexts.

The program will suit both seasoned leaders who want to deepen their expertise in leading people through changes in the nature of work, and leaders who are at the beginning of their leadership journey and want to be equipped to succeed in leading people and business.

The program is for those of you who:

  • would like to encourage your organization to do things differently, faster, and more efficiently;
  • wish to engage and inspire your people in order to unleash the energy within them;
  • want to lead relationships and collaboration in networks for greater customer value;
  • need to be the genuine you and act as a role model in your organization; and
  • want to get enthusiastic and energized about leadership.

The program is also perfect for managers and leaders identified in the Talent Management process as having leadership development needs.

Contents and Schedule

The program themes cover how to succeed as a leader, how to connect people and networks with a purpose and lead change and performance by coaching, even when you face challenges. The modules include examples, case studies, and innovative methodologies to truly challenge your old ways of thinking and get started with your leadership development.

The program consists of three two-day modules held every second month in spring 2020. The face-to-face modules will be interactive with much discussion, a leading self-assessment exercise framed in the context of business and leadership, and frameworks and exercises to broaden your thinking. An interim reflection method ensures implementing your learning in practice. The aim is to support your critical thinking and ability to analyze leadership situations to develop an optimal tailored and contextual approach to leadership.

Program Structure


Individual preparation and self-assessment with Hogan Assessment

Three two-day modules

Energizing sessions with Aalto EE, executive instructors, and peers

Between modules

Interim reflection method and experiments to ensure implementing your learning into practice



Eero Vaara

Eero Vaara is Professor in Organisations and Impact at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford in UK, and visiting Distinguished Professor at Aalto University.

Professor Vaara has a PhD in Economics from the Helsinki School of Economics and MSc degrees from Helsinki University of Technology and Helsinki School of Economics. Eero Vaara’s research interests focus on organizational, strategic and institutional change, strategic practices and processes, multinational corporations and globalization, and methodological and philosophical issues. He is generally regarded as one of the world’s leading scholars in postmerger integration. His research has been published in the very leading journals of the field, and he has authored several books. He is now serving as an Associate Editor of Academy of Management Journal. 

Hertta Vuorenmaa

Hertta Vuorenmaa works as a Research Director in the Future of Work research project at Aalto University.

Her current research focuses on changing nature of work and changing people management, HRM in public and private organizations, digitalization, gender and qualitative research methods including ethnography.

Dr. Vuorenmaa is an experienced researcher and trainer. She has been working as a researcher in several large Academy of Finland funded research projects focusing on for example well being at work, people management and its various roles and gender inequalities.

Juha Äkräs

Juha Äkräs is Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Hintsa Performance and Executive in Residence at Aalto University School of Business, Department of Management.

He is co-leading a research program called “The Exponential Work Project: Cascading Wellbeing Climate & Organizational Performance” - a joint research project by Aalto University, Hintsa Performance, and Ilmarinen.

Äkräs has worked as Executive Vice President, Human Resources at Nokia Oyj, member of Nokia Executive Board and Nokia Siemens Networks Board of Directors. Before these, he worked in multiple business manager roles, e.g., Senior Vice President of Core Networks, Nokia Networks. Moreover, he has had multiple positions of trust in business and non-profit organizations.

Juha Äkräs holds a Master of Science in Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology. He also have studied Industrial Management, Work Psychology, and Telecommunications.

Riina Gröhn

Riina Gröhn specializes in developing leaders to increase their self-awareness and self-leadership skills, to understand what in their own leadership style can work for and against them, and to build emotional intelligence in leading others especially during transformation and change. As an ICF Certified Coach, she does leadership and career coaching, and she thrives by coaching individuals in self-discovery, navigating through change, career transformations, and to exceed themselves.

Gröhn is a seasoned leader with 18 years of international working experience in leading and developing people and business in executive education and FMCG industry. She has solid experience on learning and development as well as leading renewal and change in organizations. Working and living in Asia has also given her a good perspective on business development with P&L responsibility as well as building partnerships with an international perspective to Europe and Asia. From working in FMCG industry she has years of experience of leading product development and research and innovation management.

She holds a Master’s of Science and Doctorate in the field of health and biosciences at the University of Eastern Finland and at the University of Helsinki, Institute of Biomedicine. In addition, she studied human resources management, leadership, mindfulness and positive psychology at Cornell University ILR School, Darden School of Business and University of California, Berkeley. She is also ICF certified coach (ACC) and certified for several personality and Leadership Assessments (Hogan Assessments, SHL Personality and Ability (OPQ/Verify) Occupational Testing and Kets De Vries Institute Leadership Development Instruments).

Pekka Mattila

Dr. Pekka Mattila serves as a Professor of Practice at the Aalto University School of Business.

Dr. Pekka Mattila is a specialist in strategic management and agility, strategy co-creation, business model innovation, executive leadership, top team dynamics, change management, organizational culture and strategic marketing. 

Dr. Mattila works frequently with European, Asian and North American as well as African executive audiences and is a much-requested speaker at corporate and other events around the world. Over the years, he has frequently visited a number of prestigious European and Asian universities teaching management, organizational behavior, marketing, and sociology. 

In addition to his academic activities Dr. Mattila has conducted an active business career. Currently he serves as the Chairman of the Board or as a Member of the Board at a number of innovative companies: e.g. media, construction technology, payments, lighting as well as food and beverage industries. Previously he served in executive, management and senior staff positions in the Nordic financial services industry. From 2012 till 2014 he served as a board member at a leading Finnish bank. Currently he serves as a Member of the Board of The Finnish National Gallery. From 2009 till 2017 he served as the Chairman of the Board for the foundation operating the renowned Helsinki Festival. He is a Founding Member of Nordic Institute of Business and Society and the Chairman of the Board for Helsinki Advanced Interaction Studies Institute. 

He holds a D.Sc. in sociology from the University of Helsinki and an Executive MBA at London Business School.

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