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Top Talent Accelerator

Searching for Top Talent? Join the Exclusive Talent Program!

Top Talent Accelerator is an exclusive talent program put together for you by Aalto EE in collaboration with McKinsey & Company and MPS Career.

Eight companies will be selected as partners in the program, which starts with a talent recruitment process targeting young professionals who will then be matched with the participating companies. 

The program can be part of your company’s own talent management program.

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Created  to help companies find the right talent – The program will help your company to find the talent you need and develop them for the role you define.

Customized turnkey solution – The talent development process will be tailored to meet your company’s needs and requirements so that it can be part of your present talent management program.

Designed by world-class experts – The program is designed as a collaboration between Aalto EE, McKinsey & Company and MPS to ensure the high-quality of talent.


The Top Talent Accelerator program is a sound roadmap to take your company forward to the talent needed now and in the future. This carefully planned recruitment path is designed to find top talent for future leadership positions in the selected partner companies.

Find the right talent and develop them in a program designed to build their business understanding and problem-solving skills, as well as their appreciation of the unique business context of your company
Screen and assess your new leadership talent over a longer period and improve risk management in your recruitment process
Acquire the latest academic knowledge and management capabilities through Aalto EE’s training programs
Gain fresh insights for your company’s business challenges through the projects carried out by your top talent


The program is for companies who are looking for and investing in finding top talent.

The Top Talent Accelerator program can be part of the company’s own talent management program.

Contents and Schedule

Eight partner companies will be selected to join the program and eight matching Top Talents will be selected as participants.

The Top Talents will grow and develop in a 12-month program combining apprenticeship, formal learning and mentoring. Each Top Talent will work with their partner company and with the global management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company. All Top Talents will join Aalto EE’s global learning programs and leadership development process.

Program Structure

Nine months’ apprenticeship in the partner company

The Top Talent will work in the partner company for 9 of the 12 program months.

Three months’ apprenticeship at McKinsey & Company

The Top Talent will work on assignments at McKinsey & Company for 3 of the 12 program months.

Formal learning, leadership coaching and mentoring

The top talent will participate in individually selected learning programs from Aalto EE’s extensive learning portfolio and receive leadership coaching and mentoring throughout the 12 program months.

Program Fee and Registration

Program Fee

The fee for the Top Talent Accelerator program is € 30,200 (+ VAT) per company.

The fee includes recruitment process, training, mentoring and talent program administration and coordination. The fee does not include the monthly salary of the talent.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating the program and we will contact you with further registration details.

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